About Me

Programmer since more than 2 years ago, almost 3, and I just started to work developing in what I like and why I started on this, , TDD, JBoss Seam, Apache Trinidad, Hibernate ... FINALLY! How am I? I'm an internet addict, a caffeine lover, and I'm obssesed with mobile technology and its development.

TDD, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Android, PHP, Python, Objective C, C, JavaScript... my passions

I'm still looking for the idea that takes me to make an application that gets to be used by thousands of people, in the meantime, I'm developing an Android app for a client (pictures gallery), when I'm done I'll start the IOS version and other small apps that I got on mind (unfortunally, nothing big...), and working to take forward a nonprofit local project.

What? It isn't a curriculum? ... You are right, download it here then:

What do I wish for?

  • Mobile&Web Apps development (HTML5, JS, PHP)
  • Client/Server development in J2(EE/SE/ME)
  • Android apps development
  • iPhone (Objective C) apps development
  • Desktop apps development (C/Python)
  • OPP&TDD development, to learn new languages