• HP - eXperienceIS

    Beginning a new stage of my life, working as a J2EE developer in eXperienceIS for HP in a proyect for Andalusian Health's Service

  • iPhone Apps

    Finished the course of iPhone applications developing, ASAP I hope to start publishing small apps and to get known...

  • Web App/Site

    Upgrading the site www.chema-rodriguez.es, previous version had a PC view and a different one for tablets and smartphones, with the new one I intend to unify using Responsive Design.

  • Android Apps

    ¡I'VE FINISHED ANDROID'S COURSE! Was extense, and required a 8/10, ¡but finally I'm waiting for my 400h of work experience!
    (by the way, I'm looking for a company to do so).

  • 2011 - ABAP4, Java...

    2011 was full of opportunities, I've get all I've been able to and I've learned as mush as possible, done courses of:: ABAP4, Expert in IT Security, Especialist in Videogames (courses of design and programming), and of course of JAVA (J2ME and Games in J2ME to be exact)

  I'm Damian Rodriguez: Junior Developer, which means, with not so much experience (at this time). Actually and since not long ago, I'm working in eXperienceIS for HP with J2EE although my theoric-practical studies (I've done courses, but I haven't got much experience) cover from IOS, to Android, Java (EE, SE y ME), Web and Movil (PHP, MySQL, jQuery, jQMobile...), you can see all in my CV.