• First version of www.chema-rodriguez.es
  • MOBILE's first version, link: www.chema-rodriguez.es/movil_v1
  • Second version of this web, link: www.chema-rodriguez.es
  • Mobile's second version, link: m.chema-rodriguez.es
  • Cama's town digital news, link: www.camasdigital.es
  • My own site's first version (for practising), link: www.damianrodriguez.es/v1
  • Own site's MOBILE's first version (to learn jQMobile), link: www.damianrodriguez.es/movil_v1
  • My site's second version (Android ambient), link: www.damianrodriguez.es/v2
  • Mobile's second version own site (Android ambient & jQMobile), link: m.damianrodriguez.es
  • NotesApp v1 ABANDONED

    Test App Web/Mobile with SenchaTouch framework, ToDo list, with saving in local browser (Sencha just works on WebKit so works just on Safari, Chrome or a mobile's browser).

    Test uncontinued, not usable on Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. Link here

  • MySimple Contacts

    Android app needed for my firsts Android devices, contact list of fast load, just call function.

  • Actual version of my site to make it responsive and visually nicer